Family Outing Episode 8

This is episode 8 of Family Outing, if it does not get deleted within the time span of one week, i will continue uploading every week as usual and I will also re-upload past episodes of the show.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5



59 Responses to “Family Outing Episode 8”

  1. Kathy Says:

    u r friggin awessommmee

  2. miyubi_001 Says:

    haha…the preview when they were climbing..Who was the one on top of desung when he was screaming? lol..was it jun t wait for the next episode. Thx for uploading.

  3. jess Says:

    Thanks for uploading and sharing was gonna upload but file too big..keep it up..

  4. lynnfeb14 Says:

    thanks a lot !!!! owe you a lot šŸ™‚

  5. papa55 Says:

    Thanx so much for upload this show!

  6. melyssa Says:

    Thanks for the streaming vids of the latest episode of FO … boy am I glad that wolfbladedemon from YT still survived just like FOfansubs!! You guys rocks! ^^~

  7. ncly Says:

    THX SO MUCH for uploading!!!
    you’re the man man!!
    i don’t get why SBS deleted clips on youtube uggg
    they are getting more haters and less viewers watching online!

  8. Maknae_kawaii Says:

    thankyou very much for uploading it in here! :DDD

  9. littleperson Says:

    Thank you, I freakin’ love you!!!

  10. miraculous Says:

    Thank you!

  11. Jin Says:

    thank you thank you thank you
    you are the best!!!!!!

    i am sorry that yt suspended your account.
    why did they do that?

  12. bora Says:

    thank you sooooooo much! i was looking all over for it! your the best please keep uploading šŸ™‚

  13. Nang Says:

    Thank you soo much!!!!

  14. miyubi_001 Says:

    they suspened you frm youtube now!! omg!!! So harsh they also suspened most of my other suscriptions accounts..omo…im wondering if you made a blog for your other shows that you upload. It would be nice if you can Thx

  15. V.I.Pz Says:

    thanks, good job, keep it up ^^, may i introduce you with my bloggers??? ^^

  16. nancy Says:

    thanks for uploading!

    i was wondering would u also upload the older episodes ….5 -7?

    thansk once again

  17. uh Says:

    no english sub ?????

  18. samy Says:

    thank you sooo much
    but pleaaaaas may i ask
    where is the subs??? i cnat understand

  19. princess Says:

    hey ur youtube account is canceled wats ur new youtube acount

  20. hangook_sonya Says:

    ur the best!!!

  21. Sneakfreak Says:

    thanks so much for uploading!!

    but how do i watch it full screen??

  22. gdragon Says:

    keeep uploading family outing
    I’m so sad your youtube account got suspended

  23. top's princess Says:


  24. EKYJ Says:

    eyy is family outing gonna come out today
    cuz we got married didnt come out cuz of the beijing olympics but 1night 2days did
    so i was just wondering
    so thnx
    and is delicious quiz gonna come out too??
    hopefully it does

  25. EKYJ Says:

    o and can u tell me where to download family outing
    plz and thnx

  26. EKYJ Says:

    wheres episode 9??

  27. Hello Says:

    Can you please download Family Outing Ep.9 right now

  28. Mike Says:

    when will you put the new episode of family outing up?
    i dont think i can wait any longer. i am dying to see the new episode.

  29. Family Outing Says:

    Please upload the new episode by tonight.. I have to see it now!

  30. Hello Says:

    Why arent you uploading family outing ep.9?
    Its been more than a week…

  31. Es Says:

    I love you and this show! I’ll be expecting more great vids from you~!

  32. hollaoranged Says:

    why wasn’t the new one uploaded?
    please upload!!
    i think it’s been two weeks now

  33. FO Says:

    family outing ep 9 pleaseeeeee!!!
    i’ve been refreshing your page over and over again to see if its updated.

    thanks so much!!!

  34. AznDynasty Says:

    ppl jeez calm down the only reason why he didn’t upload ep 9
    is because sbs didn’t even air it yet because of the olympics
    so they’re gonna air it THIS sunday

  35. hanachan Says:

    It can’t be help, and can’t blame SBS also coz it is illegal to distribute a copyright media like this program at firs place. Anyway, wolfbladedemon I’m very appreciate that you try to find ways to share it to us. Thank you sooooooo much.


    thanks a lot! I’ve been looking at other sites, but they didn’t have family outing up to episode 8. even fofansubs didn’t either! the only thing is that you don’t have subs, so, I don’t understand it much, but no difference, still funny. continue uploading! we will continue to watch, by coming to this site if you post it up! thanks a lott! (;

    p.s. BIGBANG iis AWWWWEEESOMEE! (: who’s with me?

  37. juju Says:

    Thank you so much! Hyori<3!

  38. serena (jiggypopsicle on youtube) Says:

    heeyyyy i love how you post the family outing here but can you post family outing episode 9! PLEASE

  39. sung Says:

    aww i want to see eps 9 & 10 of family outing.


  40. Family outing Says:

    Did family outing eps 9 & 10 aire?
    When are you going to upload?
    Waited too long for this TT

  41. daedaeluv Says:

    hmmm..would like it if you uploaded the rest of family outing and ep. 9…..they aired it..^^ but take you time.. i know it takes…and thx mucho for uploading FO.^^

  42. family outing Says:

    Familyouting eps 9&10 are out but why isnt it uploaded?

  43. famout Says:

    i hope he didn’t forget about this

    I’m getting pissed off.
    but oh well. stuff happens

  44. ruth shin Says:

    thx but do you have ep 1?

  45. angelblue_4eva Says:

    OMG OMG OMG!!!!
    thank you thank you thank you so MUCH for this!!!
    really do appreciate it!!

  46. G-run Says:

    really awesome guys!!!!!!!!:X:X:X

  47. angelblue_4eva Says:

    lololol…hyori is lyk all ova GD…aaaaawwwwwwww…lololol…n dey even slept next to each oder…lolololol…GD s juz so cool i tell yah…im sorry to say that eventho he’s not doing anyfing he juz automatically overshadows DS…aaawwww…by DS is still as funni as always…heheh ^^

  48. ~selene~ Says:

    wow! thanks for the upload. although i couldn’t comprehend what they were saying, the episode was just as enjoyable. ((:

    by the way, does anyone happen to know what the last song is? (The instrumental when they were promoting another show. I know I have heard it before when I was younger but I forgot.) Could someone tell me?


  49. Andrea Says:

    I love you so hard. THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! Family Outing is the only thing keeping me sane during midterm season.

  50. rie Says:

    i watched it without subs anyway. it’s tooooo hard waiting for subs. JIYONG IS SOOOO DAMN CUTE! look at the way he looked so shy when yejin was acting cute. hahahs.

  51. luna Says:

    thank u thank u thank u………

    but pLiz sub this….

    LOVE U GD!!!!!!!!!

  52. april Says:

    thank u!!!! finally i get to watch the family outing w/ g-dragon!!

  53. Ami Says:

    Can someone tell me what the song is called where both girls are dancing?

  54. WATEVER Says:

    Y no english sub???

  55. rin chan Says:

    no eng sub
    i can’t understand anything

  56. Maria Says:

    Aigoo,i love u man!.. 4 Uploading and all.
    Thanx very much,i really apprciate it!
    And keep on uploading.. ”U r the Best” n___n..
    P.s:i watch this though i don’t get a thing! hopefully someOne will subbe this!

  57. Wooyoung Says:

    You. Are. Amazing.

  58. familywatcher Says:

    how come the vids dont work? ):

  59. Says:

    Hello, all the time i used to check website posts here early
    in the dawn, since i like to learn more and more.

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