Be Patient


14 Responses to “About”

  1. super carpet Says:

    your website is trully amazing !!! haha
    but i was wondering if you knew where i could watch family outing with subtitles for all the episodes !!!! please ???


    and good work


  2. jin Says:

    hey i love your website and what you do, thank you so much!

    But I was wondering, in family outing episode 19 you left out the last part of the episode, are you still recording?

    Anyways like you said, be patient right?


  3. crazysimplicity Says:

    r u still gunna upload song battle?
    or dey just dnt show it n.e.more?

  4. nikki Says:

    I have a question…on there it say “Eng”, does this mean that it have english subtitles, because i’m trying to watch the “Introducing a Star’s Friend” episodes but they don’t seem to have english subtitles??…..thanks!

    p.s. thank you for uploading so many great episodes on here, it was hard to find….

    • alchblade Says:

      No prob.

      Dunno where you saw “Eng” but nothing in this blog is subbed, they are all raw uploads.

  5. Carolee Says:

    Heyy!! i love your website and I always come to your site for Introdicing Stars and Family Outing…I might be asking too much…but do you have this week’s Star King since the blog i used to go to for it has been deleted…

  6. Dee Says:

    thanks for the uploads!

  7. contiukiss Says:

    Hello^^ First of all, nice site^^

    I stumble upon this site while browsing for fun in Soompi. I was just wondering if you know where to get ‘God Of Cookery Expedition Ep 110’?

    I went to their thread in Soompi, but was unable to find Ep 110. It’s hard to find download links for this variety show~

  8. suusse Says:

    Hi WolfBD!!!

    loved and love ur uploads! there is one question regarding Gold Miss! Where and how can I watch recent Gold Miss eps?

    Are there any possibilities you could upload the show on other sites as dailymotion?


  9. suusse Says:

    WOW WolfBD!

    thank you so much for GOLD MISS!!! Really happy you can upload it on Dailym! Thank you again and again and again and again! Really appreaciate what you do for us, for the fans of those korean shows, who can not watch them on any other site than on yours! tnx again, be blessed

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